What You Need to Know about Child Support in Sullivan Indiana

by | Jun 11, 2014 | Legal

When people get married, they do so with the intention of living happily ever after. However, differences could erupt in the union, necessitating its dissolution. When this happens, there are many issues that will have to be dealt with and one of them is the welfare of the child or children. There are laws that have been put in place to ensure that the child is supported in case of a divorce. These laws are also functional in cases where one of the parents has decided to abscond, leaving the other partner with the burden of bringing up the child. Here are some things that you need to know about child support in Sullivan Indiana.

Hiring lawyers for the case

If you are thinking about suing for child support, the first step should be getting a competent and experienced lawyer. This is the person that will give you legal advice on the steps to take to get your spouse to take up their responsibility. They will gather evidence such as the income that the other person is receiving and other benefits such as workers compensation, inheritance, gifts, disability and unemployment benefits to help make a claim. They will also make calculations and help you decide how much support you should be asking for depending on the other person’s income.


There are times and circumstances in which you could be a parent who is seen as being irresponsible because you aren’t paying the needed amount in support. If your spouse is coming after you for benefits, and you are disabled, meaning that you do not have the ability to earn as much as your partner, you can make an appeal. This will help you get exempted from the responsibility that your physical condition does not allow you to fulfill.

There are many other issues that are related to Child Support in Sullivan Indiana As a parent, you are supposed to make sure that your child gets the best, even if this means that you have to argue out for it in court. These lawyers also offer advice on bankruptcy and real estate matters.



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