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When Should You Contact a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Gonzales, LA?

As people age, they begin to find that things like independence and mobility are limited. When this happens, a nursing home is often an ideal choice, affording them a safe place to stay, complete with medical attention and activities. Unfortunately, there are situations when this living arrangement becomes a real problem and a family needs to contact a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Gonzales LA to learn more about their options. While withholding medical treatment or providing inadequate medical treatment is one type of negligence, there are several other instances when a loved one could be at risk.

Basic Needs

There are a couple of things that every human being needs in order to live. Food, water, and shelter round out the list. It might be hard to believe, but there are nursing homes that are not providing for the basic needs of their residents. In these situations, it is critical to not only talk to a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Gonzales LA but also consider the safety of the loved one and begin quickly looking for an alternative living situation.

Hygiene Needs

Once basic needs are met, individuals need to keep themselves clean, preventing a host of complications and problems. When a resident can no longer accomplish this type of task on his or her own, it’s important that the nursing home step in and provide assistance. Negligence and abuse take place when an elderly person is no longer being kept clean. It could be that the beds aren’t clean, the person’s physical body isn’t clean, or even that their clothing isn’t clean. In each of these instances, there is a chance that the nursing home could be held liable.

Emotional Needs

Every person has emotional needs that need to be addressed. The elderly, when left alone without attention or care, can run into all sorts of emotional and mental problems. While their basic needs are being met and they are kept clean, if they are ignored and overlooked on a regular basis, this too could be considered an actionable problem.

Contact our law firm for more information on local laws and regulations regarding nursing home care. We work with families in the area to make sure their loved ones are kept safe and are well cared for. Set up a consultation to learn more about your options.

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